Saturday, October 21, 2006


If you are happy, revel in it, for happy days only last so long.

If beauty overwhelms you, let it.

If you are thankful, then sing your gratitude.

If you long for something, ask for it, because your heavenly Father hears.

If its precious to you, then its precious to Him too.

If someone is worth the risk, then take a chance.

If you are angry, talk it out, because yelling never gets you anywhere.

If you wonder where Jesus is when you hurt, remember that He hurt too.

If you cry, rest in Him, for He cried too.

If you doubt, ask for faith, for His grace is sufficient.

If you dance, dance like nobody's watching, even in public.

If you love, love without fear, for perfect love casteth out fear.

If you love, love hard, for love is worth dying for.

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