Monday, October 23, 2006

And so I will pray...

There are times in my life when God seems to be teaching me so much I am almost, I want to say, "Uh Lord, this might be a little much..." But I also don't want it to end because its so sweet and so precious and, while the flood threatens to bowl me over, I also want to lose myself in it, drowning in the presence of God.

This thing that He is teaching me is to get on my knees or in my bed or while I'm driving and pray. Pray about everything. Pray for pray like Solomon, asking for HUGE things like the end of famine and disease and pray like David, that God would ease my heart and be with pray like Jesus, early in the pray like Paul, for churches and cities and pastors and people.

And He is answering! He is, and its amazing. He has eased my heart, reminding me over and over to bring my desires to His throne. He is moving in the world and bringing people to Himself. He has seen my tears and heard my laughter and seen my supplications, rising like incense to Him.

I hope it smells sweet, for my time with Him is so...


StephyJune said...

I feel as if every comment of mine is the same... but to risk redundancy:


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Thanks for your heart. And for sharing it.

Thanks for getting dirty prayer knees with me last night. I love it. Let's try to do it agian next week?

I love you girl.