Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The High Places

It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful the mountains are. Every morning when I leave for school I drive down this curvy, sigogling road that guides me into a national graphic photo just before it spits me onto hwy 40. Some mornings its misty, other times its so clear I think I could see to Raleigh, save the peaks blocking my view, but really, I don't mind a bit. Up here, it seems I am closer to God. Maybe that's why they built the tower of Babel, or maybe it was to see the mountains in the distance. Regardless, my time here is awesome, and as I look to the mountains, my help has come. I've been in class, which I love; I've been contra dancing as much as possible, which I love; I've found a great church, which I love; and I am desperately homesick, which I love, because it makes leaving Asheville for Raleigh in a few months easier. These hills draw you in, and if it wasn't for homesickness, I might not ever leave. The Lord works in funny ways most of the time, and I think any loneliness and homesickness I feel is only for my good. I know now that He wants me in Raleigh for awhile--an idea that has taken me a long time to accept. I know that He wants me to be a nurse--an idea that shocked even me. I know that He wants me here now--an idea that I'm totally cool with. I know that my friends and family in Raleigh mean more to me than I ever could have known had I not left--an idea that rocks my socks off. Yes, I miss you guys and I love you guys, and I'm coming back. I have to...there's work to be done! And it looks like there will be more surgeryto be done too--another reason to return home. I'll find out on Friday if and when I'll be having surgery on my left shoulder to repair the same damage done to the right one back in June. It'll probably be over Christmas break, followed by 6-8 wks of recuperation and months of physical therapy. During that time I'll be in school at Wake Tech, Lord willing, finishing my 2 prereq classes and applying to UNC and Duke for nursing that will start in May or in Aug of '07. A year later I'll be a nurse...awesome! I'm thinking Labor and Delivery right now, hopefully learning at some point how to deliver babies with HIV positive mothers. Lord, let it be...for I miss my friends, my church, and my family, and I want to bring Your kingdom to earth by doing some good for as many people as possible. Make my hands healing hands, my words kind words, and my life a sacrificial life. Even though these hills are lovely and the Lord is here, I think He's just as present, perhaps even more so, in hospitals and streets and not so lovely places. So no matter where I am, He is there to be discovered, to be enjoyed, to be worshipped, to be served, and that is perhaps the loveliest idea ever.

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