Thursday, September 07, 2006

As tall as I can...

This morning on my way to school, I heard an old, familiar song and the lyrics continue to run through my mind and out my mouth even now, as I sit in Atlanta Bread Company and softly sing. Its a song about being as much of you as possible as praise to the Lord. My favorite part goes a little something like this...

If you made me to be a cloud in the sky
I would find the perfect place way up high
Where I could hover
And maybe I would pray for skies that were blue
And for a sunset or two to show Your colors

Or maybe I might be
A mountain tall and steep
I would try and stand as tall as I can
And I would sing my offering

And this is my favorite part...

And the sun every morning cannot wait to shine
And the stars every evening are all standing by to light the sky
You give the rocks and stones voices of their own
But we forget to sing praises to our King

I love the line about the mountain standing as tall as it can--being the very thing that it is with joy. O that we might be the same...that we would be ourselves with joy and confidence to the praise of the Lord. And I love when she says that the sun is so excited to shine...its doing its job to the praise of the Lord and for the good all that encounter it, and it cannot wait. How I wish my life were like that every day...that I could wake up and be so excited about being me for the sake and to the praise of the Lord and for the good of all that I come into contact with. Instead I am often selfish, not even wanting to get out of bed, let alone love anyone. So I guess my prayer for today is that each day would be filled with praise and anticipation of the next opportunity to love, and that I would regularly be myself to the best of my ability for His name's sake.

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