Thursday, February 22, 2007

I woman I be

There's this new band called Rocco Deluca and the Burden, and dang if I don't love their music. Its hip and emotive and passionate...all things that make good music, right?

And they have this song "Colorful" that you can hear on my myspace page ( if you want to check it out. Basically, the song is talking about a girl, and he says of her, "You're the most colorful thing that I've seen."

I hear this song and my heart just explodes, and I want to clap my hands and say, "Yeah!"

Why? Why do I react like this to a simple, albeit sweet, song?

Its because I want to be that girl. I want to "make no excuses for the way I carry on." I want to make people as happy as this song makes me. I want to be a sweet guitar lick, a catchy melody, and full of the same passion as Rocco has for this girl. I want to take people by surprise and be an open book, while still remaining a little enigmatic. I want to love and live and learn and take chances and seek truth and speak wisely. I want to make people laugh, and I want to make people think.

In a sense, I want to be colorful...

And that begs the question why? Why do I want to be colorful?

I think its probably because the Lord is the most colorful thing I've seen, and I want to be like Him. He is sweet melody, full of passion, surprising, enigmatic, wise, loving, full of life (or life itself?), truth, provocative, beautiful, gorgeous, and He brings great joy.

This song makes me want to dance, and so does He, like no one is watching.

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