Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The big move

Its pretty cliche to say the God moves in mysterious ways, and I hate cliches. Instead, I think saying, "God is wild and when we get caught up in that wild things start to happen," is perhaps more appropriate.

This year my church's "vision" is open hands. Its an unspoken vision of a people with hands wide open to God and whatever He calls us to. So as I try to walk out this vision with a wild God, I find old things being left behind and new, often unexpected, things being placed in my hands.

I have unexpected friends, like Chloe, a 4 year old love muffin who wears jeans under her skirts and soaks up the things of God. Then there's Sue, my adopted auntie who asks me the hard questions, says that which very few take the time to say, and prays as boldly as any woman I've ever known. And of course Becky, Nicole, Maggie, Michelle G, and Jodi--my beloved Highland girls who laugh and cry and talk about boys and God, and who are willing to die for His name's sake. There's Lynn and Michelle S who love me and don't want me to leave and who share their families with me. All these people I didn't know a year ago--people I can't imagine life without--unexpected blessings placed in open hands.

And now I have an unexpected future. Just a few weeks ago I planned on finishing nursing school Aug '08 and moving back to Asheville to work off the debt I would incur during my year in Chapel Hil. But God is wild and my hands are open, and things have changed. Now I know that UNC hospitals will pay for me to go to school in full if I agree to work for them for 2 years following graduation, which means I'm guaranteed a job at a great hospital AND I won't have any financial debt. Yes Lord, I see what You have placed in my hands. That certainly cannot be ignored. So instead of 1 year in Chapel Hill, its now 3 years there. I'm trusting He knows better than I concerning my future, and I'm asking Him to prepare my heart for such a transition. Leaving Asheville is far more permanent now than it was just 2 weeks ago. But He is faithful to His children, and I think I'm almost ready. Asheville is one of those things I have to leave behind.

So with open hands I walk, and as His word is lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path, He leadeth me. This wild, untamed, amazing God prepares me to go and He leads me to the places He wants me to be--unexpected places with unexpected challenges and unexpected joys...I think those are the best kind.


greg varney said...

sounds like an exciting adventure!

i know you first and foremost as a God follower - one who trusts, believes and acts.

just do those things you've disciplined yourself to do. it will be a great journey, and you'll continue to inspire everyone around.

Anonymous said...

katie... it's almost september! I need an update! :-p