Friday, December 15, 2006

The Underground

"This is the sound of the underground, the whisper of history in the making, foundations shaking, revolutionaries dreaming once again!"

Written on the wall of a prayer room by a man who didn't know what he was starting, or what God was doing. He surrendered and the words seemed to write themselves.

Its the Vision, the work of the Underground...a generation called out by God to humble themselves and pray and to seek His face that He would heal their land...though they belong to no nation, no people--only a Creed, a Kingdom, and a King whose rule knows no boundary, no wall, no race, no language, no culture.

And we are called to an army of faceless prayers and servants who work not for their own glory or reputation or success, but solely for the name and renown of Jesus. His redeeming work in the world is the motivation, for that is His greatest glory.

And its beginning...everywhere, its beginning. We pray, we dream, we take risks in faith...we cry out and weep for our cities and countries and for people we don't know halfway around the world. Its the Vision, and the Underground emerges, like a rolling fog--its gentle and fierce, beautiful and dangerous as it spills into cities and towns.

We dream...envisioning cities on their faces before the King...we believe for healing and freedom...we pray for surrender to the movement of God, and that the Underground would only grow in number and courage. We pray...and He hears our cry from heaven.

The it in you? Are you willing to live poor to make others rich? Are you willing to keep less to give more? Are you willing to drop everything and go? Are you willing to lay down a reputation that has taken years to build? Are you willing to dress the part and go into the back allies to bring joy and peace and healing and sandwiches to those hiding in the dark.

You might get your hands a little dirty. You might get sick. You might never buy that house or drive that car or take that trip...people might laugh at your decisions or think you aren't "making anything of yourself" or question your sanity...but the Lord knows your heart...and His grace is sufficient.

And isn't the cross worth your life? Isn't it?

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